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This blog is taking a break. I am still writing, though, and filmmaking, too.

If you want to follow, I am @quinoat on Twitter. See you there!

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A quick housekeeping note (since it will get a bit busier here than usual in the weeks to come):

As of today, I officially begin reporting from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. I will be here as embedded science reporter for three months. Most of the blogging will take place over at SciLogs.com, where I have found a friendly temporary home with I, EVA: 12 weeks in the making of science.
There will be more reporting in various other places and I will channel my very own “river of science” here, at SciLogs and on Twitter. Look out for #I_EVA or follow @I_EVA1 for project updates.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the “Significant Details”. While I am in Leipzig, postproduction continues full speed ahead. We are planning to release in May, but haven’t a fixed date yet.

Exciting times. Wohlan!


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Aus Protest gegen mögliche neue Copyright-Gesetzgebung in den USA bleibt heute die englische Wikipedia-Seite schwarz. Mehr Informationen zu SOPA, PIPA und dem Blackout gibt es hier.

Und auch Google und Wired protestieren. Mehr zu ACTA, dem EU-Pendant zu den amerikanischen Gesetzes-Initiativen, gibt es außerdem bei der Zeit.



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Seit heute ist mein ZEIT-Artikel “Die Biene und das Biest” über den langen Tanz der Biene mit der Varroamilbe online!

Aber die Milbe hat nicht nur mit Walfängern und russischen Zaren zu tun, sondern auch mit See-Ungeheuern und Mars-Kratern. Mehr zu Varroas schönem Nachnamen (“destructor”) gibt es außerdem hier (gerne auch via Research Blogging).

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by Marius Watz

Marius Watz creates complex abstract forms and structures through generative software processes. His work is concerned with the synthesis of form as the product of parametric behaviors, articulated in the virtual space of computer memory. [ROM]

More of his work is here.

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