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A combination of video, info graphics and text – different layers of information – from emotions to facts, and back. Smart.

The 2011 Powering a Nation staff has spent […] 10 weeks developing a project that shows the complexities of our relationship with coal. We hope that you will see how coal powers our lives and get a sense of what that means for people on different sides of the issue.

Here’s the staff editorial:


And here is a trailer for the real thing:

“Coal” is part of the University of North Carolina’s Powering A Nation-Project.

The interactive site: Coal: A Love Story

Some background: Coal: A Love Story, Not A Gimmick

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Prologue to The Trial, narrated by Orson Welles himself, based on Franz Kafka’s novel.

Orson Welles – Before The Law – YouTube.

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This is a really beautiful example of crossmedia storytelling: three independent sites, all referring in their very own way to the same thing.

It’s all about a the Allen Brain Atlas, a collection of online public resources integrating gene expression and neuroanatomical data. This is one of the types of visualisation of the brain available on the site:

Shortly after its release, Jonah Lehrer of Wired.com published an interview with Allan Jones, the CEO of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in his blog The Frontal Cortex . He had taken this picture during an earlier visit at the institute:

This in turn inspired blogger and scientific illustrator Perrin R. Ireland at Small ‘n Tender to draw these beautiful graphic summaries of the interview and to interpret images and information in his own way.

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Storytelling doesn’t get any more scientific than this:

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