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strangefruitSaw these in the ape house the other day. Can you guess what they are?

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Everybody who wants to work in the ape house has to be tested for TB. This is to protect the apes from infection. It’s difficult enough to heal a human from TB. For apes the disease is almost always fatal. So I went to the Gesundheitsamt (Leipzig Health Office) the other day and got myself tested. They applied the Mendel-Mantoux Test. It’s a skin test where they inject tuberculin, an extract of Myobacterium tuberculosis, that would trigger an immune response if I had been exposed to the bacterium before. In a positve test, a small bump would form just underneath the injection. In my case, no bumps yet, so I should be clear. The final result is due tomorrow. If all works well, expect some ape study reporting next week.

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gorilla lobbyThis sums it up quite nicely…



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A quick housekeeping note (since it will get a bit busier here than usual in the weeks to come):

As of today, I officially begin reporting from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. I will be here as embedded science reporter for three months. Most of the blogging will take place over at SciLogs.com, where I have found a friendly temporary home with I, EVA: 12 weeks in the making of science.
There will be more reporting in various other places and I will channel my very own “river of science” here, at SciLogs and on Twitter. Look out for #I_EVA or follow @I_EVA1 for project updates.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the “Significant Details”. While I am in Leipzig, postproduction continues full speed ahead. We are planning to release in May, but haven’t a fixed date yet.

Exciting times. Wohlan!


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