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#IamScience – Powerful storytelling in 140 characters

Three days ago, Kevin Zelnio posted a personal and very moving account of his own way into science at DeepSeaNews.

Inspired by sessions at #scio12, he reached out to the wider community via Twitter:

This is when the realization hit me that we all have amazing stories that we bottle up inside us. Perhaps we are embarrassed about them or just think no one cares. So I started the twitter hashtag #IamScience and implored my twitter friends to tweet their “nontraditional” experiences. The response was overwhelming. I’ve included a storify all the responses below. I’ve read every single one and am truly humbled to be in the wake of such amazing individuals who have overcome so much to be where they are at today.

And this is, what crowdsourced storytelling can be:


And here is the video:

I Am Science from Mindy Weisberger.