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The Open Notebook @scio12

About The Open Notebook:

The Open Notebook is a non-profit organization that provides unique tools and resources to help science journalists at all experience levels hone their craft.

Evan Ratliff, founder and editor of The Atavist […] writes: “The best way to learn about journalistic storytelling — besides writing stories — is by taking great narratives apart. The Open Notebook goes a step further, taking us back to the pitch letter, the assignment, and everything it took to get a big piece landed. The focus may be on science, but the lessons found here can be applied to any story.”

Zu Science Online 2012 kommt Jeanne Erdmann, eine der Redakteurinnen. Neben TON arbeitet als freelance Medizinjournalistin und bloggt auf Repetitive Stress: A Blog about Coping with Caregiving.

The Open Notebook is also worth following at @Open_Notebook