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From Antikythera to Aplysia: John Pavlus @scio12

John Pavlus is a filmmaker and science writer, and I very much like this description on his production company Small Mammal’s  site:

Video on the web is fundamentally different than television and film, but cookie-cutter formats and half-baked mashups aren’t enough to engage smart viewers. Small Mammal understands what works on the web, and designs each project “from the idea up” to find the best match of subject and style — regardless of budget.

John blogs, too, and tweets at @johnpavlus

Here is one of his films, but do check out his site – there is much more to discover!

I, for one, strongly sympathize with his concept of ‘process value’ (including his contempt for “weightless, meaningless CGI wankfests”!).